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Chrysanthius watched her mom take care of children in the community. Her first career choice was the Navy, but another educator pulled her to the side her Senior year of high school and told her that she could be a great teacher. From SEI to Headstart, and many daycares and afterschool programs in between, she gained experience. Chrysanthius is a graduate of Portland State University, obtaining a M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction, and a minor in Music. To date, Chrysanthius is an instructional coach at Harriet Tubman Middle School, coaching teachers on best instructional practices. She taught middle school, elementary school, pre school, and high school. Her grassroots consulting agency, TREE Consulting, serves to meet the diverse education needs of children, adults, parents, and teachers of color. As a consultant, she also provides training on racial equity to organizations. To date, agencies include the National University of Natural Medicine, North By Northeast Health Center, Multnomah County Health Clinics, Montessori Northwest, Portland Village School, Back To Eden Bakery, Lewis and Clark University, Harmony Montessori School, Portland Public Schools, Northwest Teachers for Social Justice, and more.

No qualification means anything, though, when she sees a child in need. It is widely known by all who work with her- or are taught by her- that Chrysanthius' biggest quality is her heart and passion.