Announcing the Launch of “RaceSpace” Equity Workshop Series

You have asked.  I have listened.

Now that the school year is coming to a close, and my work here is done until late August, I have found a literal sliver of time to dream about the workshops that past participants and page followers have been asking for.  A sliver.  Such a sliver, that I have 10 minutes to write this blog before I have to go to my next meeting.  This sliver was time well spent.

I would like to introduce to you, a series of workshops that are nothing quite like you’ve seen.

 If you associate with me, you know that much anti racist work is most effectively done in racial affinity groups.  One, further exhaustion of people of color being exposed to racism even within anti racist workshops is dramatically minimized in racial affinity groups.  Additionally, there are conversations that white people need to have directly with white people - conversations that are certain to cause this exact harm to people of color in the space - and white people know that - and want to avoid it.  Therefore, this workshop series, rightfully named “RaceSpace,” will be concurrent workshops for three groups: BrownSpace (for nonwhite people), BlendSpace (for nonwhite people AND white people who have attended a prior workshop by TREE Ed Consulting), and WhiteSpace (for white people, and a teaching lab for future social justice facilitators). 

The workshop themes are dynamic, thought provoking, and inspiring to change.  Some emerging titles are: 

  • WhiteSpace: Introduction to Racial Microaggressions, Raising AntiRacist White Children, Creating Safe Space for People of Color, White Parents of Black Children: A Panel Discussion
  • BlendSpace: Introduction to Intersectionality, White Parents of Black Children: A Panel Discussion, Introduction to AntiBlackness, “Same Game, Different Rules:” Mixed Race Dialogue, Mrs. Lathan’s Master Class: Facilitation
  • BrownSpace: Introduction to AntiBlackness, Critical Sisters: True Black Female Self Care, Writing For Healing, Mrs. Lathan’s Master Class: Black Facilitation

You will be able to enroll in an entire series, or select from the menu of workshops.  And get ready to WORK.  Those that know me, know that I am a facilitator. I have NEVER been into doing people’s work.  I have enough of my own.  I set up the work - get ready to DO IT.

Here’s something else.  If you associate with me, you also know that racism is the father of capitalism, and the redistribution of wealth is a weapon against white dominance that is absolutely essential in the continuous journey to anti racism.  Therefore, the RaceSpace workshop series will be paid for by participants on a graduated fee scale:

  • All WhiteSpace workshops will be at full price per participant, PLUS a 50-100% donation toward sponsoring a person of color to participate in a BlendSpace or BrownSpace workshop. Sponsorships may go directly to a person of color, or go into a “pool,” reserved for participants of color to enter a raffle for a workshop ticket.
  • All BlendSpace workshops will be at full price per participant, PLUS, for White participants, a 50-100% donation toward sponsoring a person of color to participate in a BlendSpace or BrownSpace workshop.  Persons of color pay full price per participant, and may choose to donate.  Persons of color may also come with a white sponsor.
  • All BrownSpace workshops will be offered for a donation per participant, with the amount of donation determined by the participant.  Participants may also attend if sponsored, at no cost to the participant.
  • All participants in the Teaching Lab will attend as many workshops as they desire, for the price of the Teaching Lab workshop.  They will observe, give feedback, and plan their own work.

Yes, people.  I am literally putting my money where my mouth is - and am calling for people to do the same.  If you are serious about this part of the work, you will do it.  Otherwise, there are plenty “feel-good” diversity-catch-all workshops out there that you can go to, and check off the diversity training box, to slap on your resume like you’ve done something groundbreaking.  You have to live with that conscience, not me. 

Anyhow, are you as excited as I am?!  Space, location, and specific dates to be determined soon.  Look out for more communication and an opportunity to sign up!