Welcome to TREE Ed Consulting!

Content warning:  If you are here to disagree that racism exists in schools in institutions, please observe the small "x" on the side of the page tab, and click one time.  Ctrl-alt-del at the same time will also do the same job.  Good day.

I did it.

I finally took a leap into the troubled waters.  Only with one foot, tho. See, I still have a mortgage and a car payment and whatnot, and unless I strike it big, I need a jay-oh-bee.  I have stepped into the destiny that has been set before me, as was evident by ALL YALL blowing up my FB inbox, text messages, and email inbox, asking for advice.  But it wasn't that your requests were bothersome because you were asking for free expertise (which, I mean, let's just call it like it is, moochers. But I love you!)

The bothersome part was that ALL of your requests were the same.  "My child's teacher/principal/school is racist, what do I do" and "What school do you recommend for children of color" was like a scratched record.  And that is sad.  It is sad that your tax dollars go to institutions where you are supposed to trust that they have your child's best interest at heart, only for them to come home with a behavior referral or suspension, with them swearing that "I didn't do anything!"  It is sad that you - parents and taxpayers - cannot trust that your children will be safe in ANY school they set foot into.  

Sad.  Unacceptable.  And a call for action.

TREE, which stands for Teachers for Racial Equity in Education, is here for every stakeholder - parent, student, teacher, principal, district.  I seek to provide advocacy, training, and planning for ANY and ALL stakeholders, of ANY race, who, like me, seek to close the opportunity gap between white and nonwhite children and staff members. "Teachers" is plural, because although I am sole proprietor and principal consultant for now, there are shoulders upon which I stand, and it's my dream that, at some point, the sage wisdom of my Black, Brown, API, African, Latino/a, and Hispanic metaphoric teacher aunties and uncles, as well as my teacher sisters and brothers, will become faces of TREE Consulting.  I hope to refer specific educators for specific purposes, because I am not Jesus The Christ.  

This blog will be full of ups and downs, ins and outs, a little advice scattered here and there, and, if you know me, you know that not a post will go by without me saying something bold, switching flawlessly back-and-forth between academic language and my spoken vernacular - which I like better anyway!  At any rate, I hope that you follow, and join me in the fight for our kids and educators of color.

Y'all following me or nah?