For Students

TREE seeks to offer  advocacy to students of color, and their parents, who are experiencing academic, behavioral, social, or teacher challenges in school.  TREE seeks to collaboratively assess needs and develop action plans for teachers and parents, with the common goal being the student’s success.  


TREE seeks to offer educational resources, such as childcare providers, tutors, and other community supports that are owned, operated, or have been vetted by people of color.


TREE offers hands-on support to graduate students entering the field of education, in collaboration with the student’s cooperating teacher and university supervisor.  TREE helps bridge the divide of theory and practice that exists between graduate teacher programs in the Portland Metro Area, and actual public education work tasks.

TREE also offers assistance in admissions essay writing, writing for scholarships and career opportunities, resume building, and mapping out educational and career pathways for adults of color who are returning to school OR are upcoming seniors in high school.